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Ari Rios

Producer, Engineer, Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Owner

Born in Havana Cuba, Ari was influenced at an early age by the classic Cuban rhythms and melodies of the day. In 1960, Ari's family immigrated to New York City where he found his next musical influence, the soul music at the end of the AM dial. In 1968, a move to Miami exposed him to the U of M Jazz School and all of those free flowing Caribbean rhythms.

His desire to understand the business of music and the craft of songwriting next brought him to Nashville Tenn. where he performed solo and fronted bands throughout the southeast. During these times, Ari rounded out his musical experience in Rock, Country and R/B and was befriended, influenced and inspired by Rod Stewart, Duane Allman and many others.

Nashville was still mostly Old School Country, so on the advise of Columbia Records' head of A&R Bonnie Garner, Ari moved out to California in 1973 where the music of The Eagles was more in line with what he was writing and performing.

At one point, Ari's mentor Al Schmitt pointed out that Ari was a natural for a career in the studio. Ari immediately flung himself into mastering the art of production and engineering and has enjoyed a lasting career centered in the Bay Area.

Along the way, Ari has been very fortunate to receive support and praise and from talented producers and engineers like Walter Afanasieff, Preston Glass, Narada Michael Walden, Jerry Harrison, Eric Thorngren, Stephen Hart and Dan Shea.

Laughing Tiger was born from Ari's desire to have music truly be the focal point of his life. In the studio, he has found the perfect place to put his varied musical experiences and technical skills to work while fulfilling his lifelong creative drive.

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