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Cervantes Flamenco Nylon String (Carlos Piña)

Epiphone Casino (John Lennon Model)

Epiphone Double Neck SG 6/12 (Jimmy Page)

Epiphone Sheraton (ES 335)

Fender Vintage Telecaster

Gibson ES 225T Hollowbody with P90's

Gibson ES-335 12 String

Gibson Explorer

Gibson Les Paul Special with P90s

Gibson Les Paul Standard (50'sModel)

Gibson SG Special with Lollar P90's

Gibson SG Standard with Humbuckers

Gretsch 6120 with Bigsby (Chet Atkins)

Gretsch Baritone with Bigsby

Guild Jumbo JF55- Acoustic 12 String

Rikenbacker 360/12 ~ 12 String Electric (Byrds)

Schecter Stratocaster Electric guitar

Taylor 814ce Grand Acoustic Guitar

Peavy Custom Cirrus 5 String Bass

Oscar Schmidt Banjo


Our guitars are set up by Larry Cragg.  They play and sound so good, you'll think you are dreaming!


Fender Tweed TV Face Princeton ~ 1950

Fender Tweed Vintage Pro ~ 1955

Fender Tweed Deluxe Custom Hand Wired ~ 1957

Fender Pre-CBS Pro Reverb Amp ~ 1962

Fender Princeton Reverb (12" Speaker) 1965 reissue

Fender Blues Junior Amp

Fender Champ Amp 70's

Magnatone Twilighter

Marshall JCM 900 w 4 x12 Cab

Mesa Boogie Express 5-50

SWR Super Redhead

CAE Sound Sterling Leslie Pre amp
(send any signal to a Leslie cabinet)

Fender Tweed TV Princeton.jpg


  • 70's Gretch, Maple 5 piece wood drum set

  •  World Max Black Beauty Snare

  •  64 Ludwig Acrolite Snare

  • Gon Bop Congas (2)

  • Miscellaneous percussion instruments

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