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  • There are clear sight lines & easy access to all the other rooms in studio A.

  • Variable acoustics from fairly dry, to an open sounding diffused ambience.

  • Great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, electric guitars and more.

  • The varied angles create a highly diffused ambient field with smooth decay.

"Laughing Tiger Studios is my favorite place to cut vocals and lay down basic tracks. I love the sound that they get in the isolation booths and I can always count on great vibe, great gear and a great rate! They also make the best coffee"

Sista Monica ~ Vocalist, Composer, Recording Artist

This Iso Chamber is excellent for recording vocals, acoustic and electric instruments, bass, percussion and even horns!

This spacious isolation room is adaptable to most recording situations because of the wide range of ambience it offers.

To create a "dry" sound, we simply "close it down" by exposing the acoustic foam side of the baffles found in the room.

Or "open it up" by flipping the baffles to their reflective side for a diffused ambient field that softens transient attacks. 


The ambience which is unique to each isolation area will provide you with a world of options for texture, tone and vibe.

The number of iso options, sight lines & quick access between all of the rooms, make Studio "A" ideal for live tracking.


These are some of the reasons why we have grown to be considered one of the finest recording studios in The Bay Area.

Whether you're new to recording or have been at it for years, you'll feel comfortable at Laughing Tiger.  

 We are 20 minutes from San Francisco and Oakland in sunny San Rafael, just off highway 580 and 101.

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