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  • A very popular place to record vocals due to its sound and relaxed, intimate vibe.

  • A sought after room to record Audio Books and VO due to it's warm dry sound.

  • There are excellent sight lines and quick access to the Studio "B" Control Room.

"Laughing Tiger has become like my second home. I love working on vocals in the upstairs studio. It feels intimate and cozy, and our producer gets such a great sound on our vocals there. That iso booth is magic! I can hardly wait to return!! 

Denise Kaufman ~ Vocalist, Writer, Musician ~ Ace of Cups

Vocalists are very happy with the sound we get from this unassuming looking room and the relaxed, homey vibe we have here.

This room is designed to have minimal reflections resulting in a dry sound which is absolutely perfect for vocal and VO work.

The "B" Vocal Booth has an unintimidating feel, which really helps us to maintain a relaxed atmosphere while recording vocals.

The close proximity to the control room makes it easy for the singer, engineer and producer to feel close and stay connected.

Whether you're new to recording or have been at it for years, you'll feel comfortable at Laughing Tiger.  

We are 20 minutes from San Francisco and Oakland in sunny San Rafael, just off highway 580 and 101.

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