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  • An intimate & elegant environment with powerful and accurate sound.

  • Designed for Voice Over, Overdubbing, Editing, Mixing and Mastering.

  • KRK E8 monitors, a custom built sub woofer array & PTs 2024.3

  • A huge collection of all your favorite plug-ins and soft synth programs.

  • A comprehensive selection of Microphones, Pre's, EQ's & Compressors.

"The upstairs control room in Studio B is convenient, comfortable and accurate. Everything is within reach and the monitoring perfect. Just grab a cup of coffee and you'll be working within minutes. Thank you Ari!"

Chris Dugan ~ Producer/Engineer, Musician

This intimate control room is ideal for the many tasks that don't require all the space and inputs of our bigger studio.

It's low key and comfy vibe help to keep you relaxed while working out parts, editing, overdubbing and even mixing.

The KRK E8 monitors coupled with our custom subwoofer array help you to craft a product that stands the test of time.

The plugins are identical in Studio A & Studio B so you can open sessions in either room with absolutely no problem. 

Whether you're new to recording or have been at it for years, you'll feel comfortable at Laughing Tiger.  

We are 20 minutes from San Francisco and Oakland in sunny San Rafael, just off highway 580 and 101.

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