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Ari Giving Audi a Keyboard Part Audi Rea

"Ari Rios Co-produced my new CD and gave my music the quality sound I was looking for."

Jorge Santana

Our mission is to collaborate with you to a record that rings true for you, stay within budget and have fun doing it.

We will save you lot's of time and money by handling both the production and engineering jobs simultaneously.

Our in house producer / engineers have worked in a wide spectrum of styles and will take your music to a higher level.

Being a singer, Ari understands the psychology and techniques involved in producing vocals and creating parts.


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"Man I just love this place. The drum room is amongst the best I've ever worked in.  This is my new home studio." 
Ron Nevison, Producer, Engineer, The Who - The Stones - Zeppelin

We will help you get the sound you've been dreaming of!  Between our big room, dry iso, ambient iso, and upstairs live room, we're sure to have a room that fits your instrument perfectly.  Combine sweet-sounding rooms with our world class collections of mics, pre-amps and outboard gear, and your takes will sound just as you imagine. 

Good sight lines, adjustable lighting and an engineering staff with great communication skills make Laughing Tiger a comfortable and inspiring studio for your next record.  We're looking forward to hitting the big red button with you!


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"Ari Rios

A great mix brings together individual song elements in balance and harmony, but also hits you emotionally and becomes more than just the sum of the parts.  You can't pull off a great mix without a great sounding mix room, and 

ours is one of the best:  you'll hear accurately from 20hz to 20k, and what you will translate accurately to the outside world!

If you have your own mix engineer, that's great.  They'll feel right at home on our 52-channel SSL.  If not, we'd be happy to mix your record.  Albums mixed by Ari Rios have been nominated for Grammys three times. 


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"Ari Rios Co-produced my new CD and gave my music the quality sound I was looking for."

Jorge Santana

The Basics Steps of Mastering are:

• Carefully listen to all the tracks and notate any differences in level and EQ between them.
• Apply EQ, compression and level changes to help balance tracks with each other as a whole.
• Cleanup unwanted track noise and make smooth "in and out" fades between all songs.
• Set the spacing between songs for the smoothest feel during the transitions between them.
• Final check of EQ, compression & level between tracks before laying down the Master File.
• Apply "finalization compression" to help set the final volume and create the "Master CD File."
• Insert ISRC and UPC codes, Artist name, Album Title, Song Titles and Song Lengths.
• Print out J Card, CD label and disc documentation information for delivery.
• Create the DDP file for delivery to the duplication plant and burn Referrence CDs.


Ari Giving Audi a Keyboard Part_edited.j
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"Ari Rios Co-produced my new CD and gave my music the quality sound I was looking for."

Jorge Santana

At Laughing Tiger we have voice over rooms that are dry, well-lit and quiet: perfect for voice over work!  We also have a high quality "phone patch" so a producer can guide the voice talent remotely.  Our studio is unpretentious, professional, clean and reasonably priced.



"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Percy Shelley

Analog audio tapes have three components: Iron oxide, the binder and a plastic carrier.   Over time, the glue that binds the oxide to the plastic absorbs moisture and starts to break down.  This makes the tape too sticky to play back and will cause irreparable loss of fidelity.

Restoring tape involves baking it in a specialty oven, letting it cool, and transferring it to digital using our Studer 24 track analog tape recorder.  Let Laughing Tiger Studios restore and transfer your analog tape so that your music will not be lost to the ravages of time.


  "Ari Rios Co-produced my new CD, was a pleasure to work with and gave my music the quality sound I was looking for."

Jorge Santana, Recording Artist

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