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"Ari, this studio you have here is a beautiful baby. I'm loving the Big Room's tone on my guitar!
I'm glad to have discovered you. We'll definitely be back!"

Carlos Santana ~ Recording Artist

"My friend Ari Rios owns Laughing Tiger Recording. He's a great producer/engineer and it's a lovely studio in the Bay Area."

Al Schmitt ~ 23 time Grammy winning Producer / Engineer

"It's really good to know that there's a studio with rooms as nice as this right here in Marin. I'm very happy to know you're here!"

Bob Weir ~ Recording Artist

"This is the best C7 I've played in a Bay Area recording studio. A C7 is my favorite piano and this one smokes! The action is a dream!"

Rebeca Mauleon ~ Recording Artist, Musician, Educator

"Man I love this place! My favorite gear, and service to rival the best in L.A.! The drum room is amongst the best I've ever worked in and these Peluso P67's sound as good as the best Nuemann U67s which are my favorite room mics. This is my new home studio." 

Ron Nevison ~ Producer / Engineer

"When I took the tracks I recorded there home and played them in my own control room, there were absolutely no surprises!
The playback was exactly how I had heard it at your studio and you also made us all feel very welcome and at home there. "

Sean Beresford ~ Producer / Engineer

"I work in recording studios all over the world and it is a rare treat to run into an engineer who is not only technically capable but also has a sound musical aptitude and great attitude. Ari Rios is that kind of engineer. He really helped our creative process!"

Rusty Watson ~ Producer, Vocalist, Arranger, Director, Composer

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